wildly exposed

Becca + Aislinn here! We know that there are a ton of different workshops out there, but we are so excited that you are here! Welcome to the Wildly Exposed Workshop! We want to tell you a little bit of our hearts behind why we created the Wildly Exposed Workshop in the first place: 

It's all about the experience, the adventure, and community.


We are both so passionate when it comes to building up our community and have grown to really love the education side of photography. We have both always loved the idea of hosting something that could allow our attendees to learn and also explore some new places while building up our community even more and that is our goal with the Wildly Exposed Workshop! 

We want to make this workshop a more intimate setting so that we can cater to each of you as much as possible, which is why we are only taking 10 girls! We want YOU to be ready to level up your business, gain education from the two of us, travel somewhere new and get AMAZING content while also meeting other photographers and build lifelong friendships! 

two instagrammers turned friends and biz partners!

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What to EXPECT

Our workshops are focused on content and community! We want you to thrive in your business in the healthiest way possible! Because of that, we're tossing out a lot of the structured education you might see at other workshops and will be focusing more on one-on-one time and doing lessons based on encouragement and healthy mindsets! Our workshops will be focused on a content retreat style where you can have a wonderful getaway with a close knit group of girls while getting some bomb ass photos to market, and learn more of the healthy choices to make in your biz!

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