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Heyy guys! Becca here! I promise you this isn't a sappy love story!

 I wanted to share with you from my perspective how this relationship started! Aislinn was looking for a wedding photographer back in 2018 and found me! *spoiler* I didn't actually shoot her wedding, BUT that’s how we originally and got connected! From then on we started following each other on social media and have been pretty interactive with each other!

During this crazy quarantine time, Aislinn suggested we zoom for the first time just to officially meet! I was definitely all for it and super excited! We INSTANTLY clicked! We immediately jumped into talking about our biz and lives as we’ve been affected by the state of the world and then Aislinn asked if I’d be interested in doing a workshop! It pretty much went all up hill from there!

this is how we met...

It’s so crazy too because I had been thinking heavily about hosting or being a part of a workshop over the past several months but had no clue where to get started, who I could do it with, or what all goes into it! I didn’t pursue it because I didn’t even know where to begin! And here comes Aislinn out of the blue asking if I wanted to partner with her in doing a workshop! CRAZY!

So to think that we simply went from IG friends to real friends to biz partners over a zoom call just shows the power of social media!
We are so excited to be working together to educate you guys in the best ways of running a full time photography business and have you walk away with a community cheering you on!

HEYYY GUYYSS!! OMG WHAT THE ACTUAL HECK! I cannot believe I am here with yall right now introducing myself on our WORKSHOP WEBSITE! This is seriously so exciting! 
Before I get ahead of myself I want to tell you a little bit about me and who the heck I am! So my name is Becca and I've been a photographer since I was 17! Even though my photos suuuucked for the first several years, the spark and passion I felt the first time I picked up a camera was unforgettable! I've been working towards my dream ever since then and it's been the most amazing journey of my life! Photography is truly my passion! I LOVE taking photos! I love capturing moments but I also love the AMAZING people I get to meet along the way! (aka Aislinn) 

I’m a married woman of 4 years (omg how has it been that long already). Kidron is my best friend and an amazing biz partner, and literally the sweetest and most thoughtful husband in the world! The funny thing is we couldn’t be more opposite! Somehow we make it work!



 I’m an OBSESSED dog mom to an aussie named Desi (named after Desi Arnaz even though she’s a girl!) I’m a 90’s kid who definitely loves a more old school lifestyle! I can be super loud and obnoxious but also need my down time to recharge. I love bingeing Netflix BUT I love being active and going outdoors more. Any opportunity I have to go on a hike with Kidron and Desi I will take it.

I’ve been living in Nashville, TN for the past 4 years but BIG life changes are in the mix to move to Colorado at the end of 2020! It’s been my dream for the past 10 years to move out there so we’re finally making it happen! I cannot wait to get out there and start exploring! 

A few more quick fun facts about me! I'm an enneagram 7 (GIVE ME ALL THE ADVENTURES PLZ)! I have watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S about a million times! Sunshine and being outdoors is what fills my soul! I've recently discovered rock climbing and I LOVE IT! It's a great way to exercise AND have an amazing community!

Holy cow, HI GUYS!!! Okay this honestly doesn't even seem real that I am here writing this and that we officially are launching this workshop!! I am so  freaking excited!!!

Anyway, I think it's important for  me to introduce myself if y'all don't know who I am. First things first, my name is  Aislinn! (It's pronounced "ace-lynn") don't worry I  get it all the time, I am so used to it!  haha.  I am a full-time couples + wedding photographer based in the midwest, Michigan to be exact, but am always traveling to new places! I started taking photos in high school and then "for real for real" when I was in college after doing an event planning internship with a wedding planner  for my degree!  I immediately fell in love with the wedding industry  and found my niche with couples + wedding photography. I am SO dang passionate about capturing those authentic moments that bring back all the feels that represent my couples as best as possible! 

On another note, I'm 24 years old, adopted from China and about to get married to my high school sweetheart in September (COVID pending) WOOT WOOT!



We started dating when we were 14 years young and he truly is my best friend! We have two pups, a lab/pitt named Tucker who we rescued 3 years ago and a maltipoo named Lily who I've had since sophomore year in college. I am a crazy dog mom but wouldn't have it any other way!! 

Some other fun facts about me is that I'm obsessed with  the Harry Potter series (hence Lily's name after Harry Potter's mom), my celebrity crush is hands down Justin Bieber, I'm a HUGE foodie: anything sushi or pizza related is my jam, but I am also a huge snacker so I love my popcorn, flamin hot cheetos and mini m&ms; I KNOW I'M WEIRD. haha. I am obsessed with tiktok and i absolutely love learning all the cringey  dances, but I also love watching my youtube family  vloggers! 

I grew up in Northwest Indiana, always visiting Michigan for summer trips/lakehouse visits but  moved to Florida after I graduated college in 2017 to be closer to my  parents. Since then,  we have moved back north to Michigan since that is where we always felt like "home" and we couldn't be happier!

where are we going next?!